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This winter, warm up your body & appetite with Hot & Spicy azuma products!

Heat from spicy food comes from Capsaicin, a compound found in Chili Peppers to discourage from being eaten in wild. In humans, this compound binds to tongue's TRPV1 pain receptors, creating exciting gastronomic sensation.

Spicy Azuma products features a wide variety of CHILI flavours, from Masago Habanero, Tsubu Kimchee, and Mentai Paste crafted with a special blend of Korean Chili Peppers.

For those who are sensitive to Chili Peppers' Capsaicin can enjoy spicy kick from Wasabi flavours. Wasabi's spicy element comes from chemical compound called Allyl Isothiocyanate, which is found in plants in mustard and horseradish family. This compound causes reaction in nasal passage, leading to Wasabi & Mustard's unique eye-watering quality.

For authentic WASABI flavours, try Tako Wasabi with long lasting Wasabi flavour, or Tobikko Wasabi!

Hot & Spicy for Cold Winter