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Product Number      53065
Product Name        Takoyaki 
Description         Baked Wheat Cake with Octopus
               (Beignet avec le poulpe)
PKG Style           20 pkg/480 g/ cs 
Shelf Life          Frozen 18 months 
Brand               n/a
Main Ingredients    Wheat Flour, Cabbage, Extract 
                    (Kelp, Sardine, Bonito), Egg, 
                    Octopus, Soy Sauce, Green Onion, 
                    Ginger, Chinese Yam, Seasoning      


Baked octopus ball 'Takoyaki' is highly popular snack in Japan. Cabbage adds sweetness to creamy batter, and chunky octopus inside is like having a treasure hunt!


Suggested Menu

Served with authentic condiments - Takoyaki sauce, Mayo, and Aosa Seaweed Flakes.